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Interview preparation for BPSC and JPSC Civil Services: Self Introduction Session

Jharkhand Public Service commission (JPSC) has declared the mains result and Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) will also follow the suit in coming month I am starting a thread here for benefiting the applicants.

I have plans to write some good stuff on current issues on so keep following my sites to get updated and also tender the suggestions to improve upon it.

Civil Service Interview as an Introduction:

Friends first of all shed some myth about interview that if you fail to give all the answers then you are lost ,this is not the reality, your confident appearance even saying NO ...Confidently to the interview board will give you the marks.

This is primarily a personality assessment no doubt knowledge matters but not the theory but its application has big say in the interview matters most.

Dressing sense, attitude as per the post and how one carry himself before interview board is most important thing that board looks in the candidate. Interview for the civil service predominantly the show of candidate's self-introduction. 

Generally the interviewer first hits with "How about you? Tell me about yourself? Introduce yourself ".At this point, you should be this nervous mood stabilized. Because of this problem, the candidates have done sufficient preparation, and have enough confidence and courage to believe that they can answer questions on this issue.

How to overcome it?

You need to craft your answer and practice in virtual condition by speaking loudly in your room, even you can record your answer in your mobile phone and play it again to do the self assessment.

Self Prepared Answer

First of all candidate needs to give their name and identity. Next situation will be that the candidate and interviewer will greet each other. The interviewer can understand this information from the application form and resume however it is still needed take the initiative to mention. 

Remember this is a polite needs, you can also deepen the examiner the impression you.

Second, Candidates needs to tell the board about their qualifications, work experience and other personal information (remember it must be positive things).

They must provide to the interviewer about personal circumstances and complete information, such as: education, work experience, family background, hobbies, ideals and reported negative (that looks like positive).

This part of the statement must be concise and get the point. For example to introduce their qualifications and speak about the specialist qualifications.

Clear clues described a chaotic structure, the content is too long opening since, will give the examiner who left disorganized personality is not clear impression, and let the examiner fatigue, and weakened the interest and attention of the right to continue the interview.

The candidate should also pay attention to this part of the contents should be consistent with the bio data, application form, do not differ. Should avoid introducing such elements, thorough, and binding of the written language, the use of flexible spoken language is organized. 

The introduction of basic personal attributes there is no right or wrong - are neutral, but if this effect is on the wrong.

Third, the basic personal information, the natural transition to the two successful completion of their study or work during the event, this two examples vividly clear explain their experience and ability, such as: serving as the head boy in school the success of the organization's activities; or how to put into social practice, to use their expertise to serve the public; or own a significant achievement in the professional and outstanding academic achievements.

Fourth, the focus with your career aspirations that you sit for civil service posts, the reason it is very important. 

Candidates can talk about their understanding of the positions to the desire of the post. The original work unit the candidate must explain clearly to give up their jobs and make new career choices reasons with values and career outlook.

Candidate must organize their self-introduction in order to ensure a clear, orderly, sentences for oral statements, and the use of transitional sentences between paragraphs, speaking also pay attention to ideas, describes the fluency of the language, try to avoid the topsy-turvy, has repeatedly said the same sentence times slimy fresh, do not use too casual expression.

Under normal circumstances, the self-introduction would be concluded within 3 to 5 minutes. In general, the first two parts can be used for about one minute, the third of four parts with 1 to 2 minutes.
Good allocation of time to focus, impressive, and this depends on the preparation work done by the candidates.

How to do it?

Allocate the necessary time to seize the 3 or 5 minutes, you can point and gracefully express yourself. 


Some candidates do not understand the importance of self-introduction, a brief introduction to your own name, identity, followed by adding some information about their qualifications, work experience, etc., about half a minute or so to the end of self-introduction, and then looked at the interviewer to attack with wild questions. 

But some of the candidate wants to interview the entire contents are compressed in these few minutes. To know the interviewer to ask you question in the middle of the interview below, you should give yourself to others to leave this opportunity.

Importance of self-described session in Interview

Own initiative interview the examiner recommended his self-introduction, the interview structure, but also to interview an important indicator of assessment.

Self-described points –Because it is self prepared so gives confident while speaking and by effectively doing it candidate bill be able to drag the Interview session in their court.

Introduction should be to the evaluation of the interview

The introduction is also a means of persuasion and art, smart candidate to the requirements of the Examining and Employing Officials and testing focus of the organization self-described content, you not only to tell the examiner you how good you are more To tell the examiner how you fit the job. 

Nothing to do with the interview, even if you are proud of the advantages and strengths, you have to reluctantly give up in order focusing.

To get the appreciation of interviewer, one must explicitly tell them that he holds the necessary capacity and quality of the posts, and have confidence to show it.

Candidate must talk about their own advantages in a sensible way:

When it comes to scoring points in Interview one must keep their discussion a low profile. That is an understatement, calm tone, but only the facts, must not be used their own subjective opinion. Also note that enough is enough, important, crucial, to talk about the specialty has nothing to do with the interview is the best not talk.

In addition, speaking about their own advantages, but also to talk about their own shortcomings (In positive pinch), by stressing that the desire and efforts to overcome these shortcomings.


deepak sinha said...

This post is very informative please give some more aspects to build the opinion.

Anonymous said...

pankaj ji realy informatic post...

kindly post some topics which may be asked in jpsc interview..


Anonymous said...

Pankajji thanks a lot for your informative post. Is it possible for you to give us some tips in hindi. Please try . Manoj Kumar from Patna, Gardanibag.

Anonymous said...

pankaj ji,coming month ka matlab oct hai kya??

pooja said...

thank you pankaj jee ..interview se related is information ke liye.

Anonymous said...

Result oct. me aane ka chance sambhav lagta hai kya?

Anonymous said...

you said personal past details should include positive things only. i started preparing for bpsc after my partnership broke and my company business ended. do you think i have to keep this hidden during interview?

गरम केला said...

Anonymous भाई , बड़े आश्चर्य की बात है की आप सिविल सर्विस मे तब आना चाहते हैं जब आप बहुत खो चुके हैं । ऐसा क्यूँ है ये तो कोई मनोवैज्ञानिक ही ठीक से बता सकता है परंतु मेरे विचार मे आपको किसी भी सूरत मे इसका जिक्र नह करना चाहिए क्यूंकी सिविल मे अत्याधिक भावुक लोगों को कम प्राथमिकता दी जाती है । निश्चित ही यदि आप चाहे तो इस बात को छुपा भी सकते हैं और इसे पोजेटिव बना भी सकते हैं ।

Anonymous said...

Partnership ka broke hone apki inefficiency or improper management ki or ishara karta hai.

So please dont disclose it before board because they will think that if u cant manage 1 man how you will manage the department.

No matter whose mistake was that but it is certainly a negative stuff will dent your personality

sujeet said...

Pankaj Jee result october me aa raha hai? Agar koi banda iit se btech karne ke bad 4 yrs se preperation kar raha hai civil services ki IES ka interview do bar disqualify ho chuka hai..... Kya use in sab baton ka jikr karna chahiye? Apne failure ko kis tarah present karna chahiye ki wo positive lage ? Koi company v join nahi kiya .... To in sab drawbacks ko kaise chhupaya ja sakta hai ? Pls help ......

Pankaj Kumar said...

@Mr Sujeet:

It is very hard to predict the exact date of the Mains result however as evaluation process is about to end and 20-25 working day is enough for preparation of result so one can expect result within next couple of month.

As far as your appearance in IES Interview is concerned you must pronounce as your success as you have cleared the first round in that process.

One more thing you must consider to avoid saying that you were preparing for the BPSC because this is the universal truth ,Interviewer knows it very well if you will say so then interviewer may consider that you don't have any other thing to say about yourself.

Try to fill your work with any constructive work because a big gap in your CV is a noticeable negative in interview.

Just fill these gaps with some activity,like NGO work etc.

Find your strength and try to bring the board on your strength in your opening statement.

sujeet said...

Thanx a lot Pankaj Jee !! I will say I was teaching children in my village during last few yrs. I m going to join Indian Railway as Sr. SE trainee within few weeks. In such case they will ask me qn related to my training also. I had given my hobbies in mains form as Meditation & Yoga.... Can I change them now ? These things earlier I thought was easy to prepare 4 interview but was wrong :).

Pankaj Kumar said...

@Sujeet :

You have enough content no need to change just make a good script around it and feel confident.

You will definitely score in the board.

sujeet said...

Thank U again Pankaj Jee !! Wishing U too a handful of pleasant, favourable and surprising outcomes in ur career.... G'nite :)

Anonymous said...

jharkhand sachivalay ka papee kaisa tha?..cut off ke bare me pankaj ji kya sonchte hai... pls bataye..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pankaj ji maine 2002 me graduation karne baad civil service ki taiyari nahi ki, pahle ek weekly news paper publish karta raha fir 2007 me vidhan sabha ka chunao lada par safal nahi hua, 2010 se civil service exam ki taiyari me laga aur ab tak 5 mains likh chuka hoo, kya mujhe jpsc interview me patrakarita aur politics wali background ki charcha karni chahiye

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SOME USEFUL THINGS FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-- Look at a person when being introduced to him/her, maintain the eye contact even while speaking. Eye contact with another person shows your interest in him/her. It also forces you to pay attention to what s/he is saying.
impressions of others are based on 80 percent nonverbal signs, so it would appear that what you say will do little to change what people think of you when they first meet you. How to sit, how to dress up, how to talk and how to behave are essential ingredients of your personality.-M.K

sujeet said...

Join group 'Bihar PSC' on Facebook . My friend has created it today.

Anonymous said...

sujeet ji ap ka facebook group interview per focused hai kya?

Wroooooom said...

facebook par hindi me charcha aur suchnao ko sajha karne ke liye maine naya group banaya hai... kripya is group se jude aur apne comment kare

english me likhne wale isase dur hi rahe to achha hai...

sanjay pandey said...

Some tentative questions asked mostly in the jpsc/bpsc Interview
• Some initial questions are generally asked based on your bio-data; about your career choices and why exactly you want to opt for the civil services.

• To start the interaction, the in jpsc/bpsc interview board generally ask a candidate to briefly describe about himself/herself.

• Some questions are asked relating to your name. You might be asked some questions about the meaning of your name, surname, the reason for carrying a long surname or surnames if anybody has.

• You should also prepare some important events on the year or the date of your birth. A big portion of the jpsc/bpsc Interview questions are mainly from what you have filled in your form including your subjects, hobbies, service preferences etc. Thus you are supposed to put more emphasis on the interview as a test of logic and presentation and awareness rather than a pure subject knowledge.

• You need to reasearch well on your hobby that you mention on your biodata. Questions are asked on the reason for your pursuing such a hobby.

• You are supposed to be aware of the hot topics of the present world. You will be asked on some burning issues and you will be judged your opinions regarding the same. Thus you need to have a fair base on the current topics as well as an analytical mind to answer the interview board.

• Questions are asked on your profession/professions also if you have had any. If you are a doctor, than you might be asked questions on any ongoing health issues. If you have an economy background, than you might be asked questions on the current economic scenario. The board may also ask you about the applicability of your current profession in the civil services. So, you are supposed to prepare well on all the possible questions relating your past and present careers.

• Some situational questions may also crop up in the interview. As for example, the interviewers may ask you a question throwing a situation in front of you and they would ask you how you would be dealing with the particular situation. The question might be something like if you were the Dy. Collector/DSP of Ranchi, Patna, what would you do after the bomb blast in the city? So, you are supposed to develop an analytical and foreseen thinker mind to face the jpsc/bpsc interview.

Brahma said...

thanks sanjay ji

Anonymous said...

very good assessments ___Thanks Mr. pandey.

Anonymous said...

five golden rules to overcome interview fear
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Anonymous said...

please ban to those person who is spreading baseless and false news that result a gaya

Anonymous said...

please ban to those person who is spreading baseless and false news that result a gaya

Anonymous said...

bhai mere....daure parne lage hain kya....result aa gaya ...barbarane lage ho....kuch lo bhai...kya haal bana rakha hai...god bless you...

Anonymous said...

Dk bose, shankar ji..are bhai kuch to bataiye interview k bare me..

Punit said...

For good stuff of interview question follow

Tatya Tope said...

Bhaio history optional ke prospect ke baare mei bataye. Ye Patna mei jo khabar hai ki agla notification agar november mei nahi aaya toh 400 seat aur badh jaayegi isme kaha tak sachchai hai please bataye.

Anonymous said...

Pankaji ji bpsc mains cut of or subjectwise brek par kuch prakash daale. is bar kyaa ummid kiya ja raha hai or category wise cut off kya hoga. total seat aaj ke date me is baar kitna hai. is information ko jaroor jaroor batlaane ka kast kare.

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